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Funding opportunities

Are you planning something "big"?
Could there be grants or funding for your project?

The range of schemes for funding projects is huge. Funding data bases
underscore the opportunities and they also give details of grant application processes.

For projects containing scientific research elements, or for purely scientific research
, the FFG, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, is the organisation to
contact inside Austria. The FFG can be consulted to find out about funding opportunities
at both national and EU level (as part of the current 7th framework programme).
NEW: innovation check, a funding avenue for small- and medium-sized companies with the goal of starting an ongoing research and innovation programme.

Grants and sponsorship for individuals, often given for small-scale projects or for visits to other countries, are also available.

Companies are advised to go through the central funding service of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce for help in negotiating the funding jungle and to target investment funding, economic funding or special grant opportunities available for small and medium-sized companies (SMC).
Companies in Vienna have interesting opportunities (mainly for technology, innovation, and research) through the Center for Innovation and Technology or ZIT.
The WWFF (Vienna Business Agency) frequently adds new avenues for funding.

For funding for regional projects, the EU Regional Management Offices or the relevant regional agencies are the right people to contact.

There are settled guidelines and continuous, or new, submission deadlines for some forms of funding.
Many other forms of funding, especially at EU level, have definite calls for projects on specific themes and that have set deadlines.

We’ll assist you on your way to your funding goal.
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