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Fit for Funding is an experienced team and is headed
by akaryon (Dipl. Eng. Petra Bußwald).

About the company

akaryon GmbH
Grazer Straße 77, A-8665 Langenwang, Österreich
tel +43 (0)3854 25099
fax +43 (0)3854 25098

akaryon GmbH
Weyringergasse 27A/17, A-1040 Wien, Österreich
tel/fax +43 (0)1 5039870

website  www.akaryon.com

Chief Executive
DI Dr. Franz Niederl
Chief Executive (Vienna)
DI Petra Bußwald
Supervisory Bodies
Company Registration Number
FN 403298k
Registered Office
Landesgericht Leoben
VAT Registration Number
ATU 68210615
Business Organisation Membership
Styria Chamber of Commerce, Vienna Chamber of Commerce
Management Consulting and Information Technology
Industry Sector
Data processing

About the Website Content

Responsible for content
Concept und Design
akaryon, Büro für nachhaltige Kompetenz, Planung&Vielfalt, Schnittstelle, Partner atelier CREmsner
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